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Gold Background


Let us refine and assay

your precious metals!


Seven Steps to Refining

Step 1 - What is Dental Scrap?

Gold - Crown, Bridge, Inlays and Onlays

PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal) - Crown & Bridge

NP (Non-Precious) - Partials

Step 2 - Preparation

Crown and bridge scrap, dental alloy or any other precious metal scrap is mixed with a flux (Borax & Soda Ash) to help separate the metal from all the non-metal in the scrap.

Step 3 - Smelting and Sampling

Once the metal is in a liquid state, it can be sampled. There are two sample methods, but only one of which is done in it's molten state. When sampling, you want to make sure you are getting a homogeneous sample to ensure accuracy. If not, taking a molten sample once all the metal is liquid (molten) its ready to pour into a mold. Once the metal hardens again it will take the shape of the mold which is either a cone or a bar.

Step 4 - Cooling and Hardening

When the metal cools you can break it out of the mold. At this point, the flux which turns into a glass material will easily break off of the bar. If done properly, none or very minute amounts of metal should be in the flux or slag as it’s referred to at this point.

Step 5 - Drill Sampling

Now you can sample the bar using the other method which is to drill it. If the bar is homogeneous, it won’t matter where you drill it, it will all be the same.

Step 6 - Assaying the Sample

Once you have an accurate after melt weight and a good sample, you can proceed with the assaying step which is the final step in the process. There are a few assaying methods, but we’ve found the most accurate to be ICAP. ICAP is an assay machine which determines the makeup of the bar via a chemical process and provides a very accurate percentage of the precious metal within your supplied material.

Step 7 - Settlement $$$

Once the final percentages are determined by the ICAP, we determine the payout based on current market values.